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The Beggar's Family

One day, there was a poor family. The beggar family. They are beggars, but, their daughter was a student in a state Junior High School.

Ratna : Mom, excuse me. I want to go to school.
Fisqi : Just go !
Ratna : Let me shake our hands.
Fisqi : You don’t need it.
Ratna : Why ? I need your affection.
Fisqi : I’m not really sure Na, that you can continue your study.

Ratna : Mom, please believe in me, in my skill. I will get scholarship for my study.
Fisqi : I hope you will get it
Ratna : Ok. Mom, I have to go.
Fisqi : Don’t forget to go to bus station after school
Ratna : Yes, Mom ! assalamu’alaikum

At school Ratna had a friend. His name is Aldi. He is very rich but he’s arrogant.
( When Ratna walked in front of Aldi, Aldi threw a coin to Ratna )

Aldi : Heh, beggar ! That is for you !
Ratna : What do you mean ?
Aldi : Don’t you ned money ?
I give tou you free. I’m above board
Ratna : I don’t need it ! (while throwing that coin to him)
Aldi : Hey ! What do you mean ? You are beggar !
Ratna : So, what ? Why ?

Aldi : This is not your place. Your place in Bus Station, Cross Road, and
Crowded . Place, but not here.
Ratna : I;m sorry. But it’s none of your affairs !
Aldi : This is my affairs ! Because my father is the owner of this school !
Ratna : So ?
Aldi : He doesn’t want someone who is poor study here. You’re rubbish here !
Ratna : Oh, If I’m disturbing you now, I’m sorry !
Aldi : You don’t need to ask apologize. Just Go Out from here !
Ratna : Just the headmaster has authority to drop me out. Thanks, I have to go !
Aldi : My father will drop you out of here !!!

(Then, Ratna left Aldi while crying )
Suddenly Aldi’s Father came to their school and met Ratna
Aldi : Heh Beggar !
This is dad, A beggar !
Edo : Heh you ! What the hell are you doing here ?
Aldi : You make this school dirty you know !!
Ratna : I’m sorry sir.
Edo : I don’t need your sorry. That’s nothing !
Aldi : You are rubbish beggar !
Ratna : I’m sorry ! I’m Ratna. I am a student here.
Edo : But, I will drop you out of this school !
Aldi : I’m shy if every one know there is a beggar study at my school.
( Suddenly, Ratna’s Mother came )
Fisqi : Excuse me Sir.!
Aldi : Heh, who are you ?
Wha are you doing here ?
Edo : Aren’t you beggar too ?
You are as ugly as Ratna !
Fisqi : I’m her mother. I’m who born Ratna !
I feed her every day, but I never chide her like this !
Aldi : Who cares ? You are beggar ! I’m rich man !
Ratna : Aldi, sheet up ! don’t insult my mother.
Aldi : Heh, I don’t care whom she is !
Ratna : You may insult me, but not my mother !
Edo : Fisqi ! Don’t speak too loud to my son !
Ratna : But Sir, you may not insult my mother.
Please, don’t do it again !
Fisqi : Ratna, Stop It !
You don’t need to do it ! He is not God !
Stop it !
Ratna : But mom, Idon’t wat someone insult you. I love you mom.
Fisqi : No one will insult us !
All of you please look at to my face.
Moreover you . Edo !
Edo : Heh, call me Mr. Edo
Aldi : Impolite you are ! Call my father Mr. Edo ! You are beggar.
Ratna : Shut up ! You are blue. You don’t know at all about polite or impolite
( and then Fisqi open the “cadar” and Mr. Edo was very shocked )
Edo : Fisqi . . . my sister . . . .
Fisqi : Yes, I’m Fisqi your older sister.
Ratna : What mom ? Are you kidding ?
Aldi : Dad ! what does it mean ? Sister ?
Edo : Fisqi, Is that really you ? I’m sorry for insulting you.
Fisqi : I don’t need your apologize.
Here I just wanna remind you. Your wealth may lost every time. And you can get poor every time.
Ratna : Yeah, Like we did. Listen to me Aldi. We were rich like you all.
Aldi : Are you kidding
Fisqi : Woo, we are not kidding. Don’t be arrogant if you are rich.
Money is everything but everything is not money.
Ratna : Don’t be arrogant if you are rich now.
Don’t look someone down. Don’t value someone by their clothes.
Aldi : I’m sorry.
Edo : Fisqi, ratna I’m sorry for insulting you.
You are my family whom lost.

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